Trains. Oh how I love Trains!!

Seems only natural to me. I have been in love with trains since I saw them for the first near Cape Cod at the young age of 4 1/2. From then on, it's been pretty much a love affair.

From full-size to models, it keeps me young at heart. And to this day I still wave at the engineer as a train rolls by. Here in Niantic, Amtrak and the Shoreline East provide the daily entertainment. At night before I go to bed, I hear on the radio that Providence & Worcester NR-2 is at the wye in Groton and ready to enter Amtrak's Shoreline Route. With clearance from the Shoreline Dispatcher in Boston, NR-2 slowly threads its way across Thames River drawbridge, past New London Union Station.across Shaw's Cove bridge and then it is on its way west. If the train is quite long and if the weather isn't too cold, I'll be trackside at the parking lot of Giants Neck Beach and watch it roll by. And if I am lucky enough, the engineer will see me and give a few toots on the horn. After that, it's time to go home and to bed.

Anyway, I present to you some of my best shots from here and around the country. And if would like to have some reading to enjoy, please check out my blogs. Below are the links and the pictures will follow. In regards to the link, the blog for 2008 begins with the end of the trip. Go to the bottom of each page to get to the previous page and you will find the beginning.

Thanks. Hope to see you trackside or on a train near you.

Trinity Railway Express at Union Station Dallas

Union Pacific at Reunion Station in Dallas

Dallas Area Rapid Transit, aka DART, at Reunion Station Dallas

Denton County Transit Authority at Denton Station, Denton, Texas

A Union Pacific caboose in Cozad, Nebraska

An electronic rolling stock inspection station east of North Platte, Nebraska

An eastbound unit coal train west of Maxwell, Nebraska

Autumn in Lodgepole, Nebraska

An eastbound double stack train at Tie Siding, Wyoming

A train of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in Silverton, Colorado

A "T" train of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority at Reading, Massachusetts

An eastbound union Pacific freight train east of DeKalb, Illinois

A pair of Metra commuter trains at Naperville, Illinois

A Metra locomotive 

A Metra commuter train at the Route 59 Station west of Naperville, Illinois

A Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train at Naperville Station

Very colorful containers at the Rochelle, Illinois Train Park

A dinosaur commuter car near Naperville, Illinois

Amtrak's California Zepher at Downer's Grove, Illinois Station

A Metra commuter train at Naperville, Illinois

A sign outside NAN Drawbridge in Niantic, Connecticut

Amtrak's Texas Eagle arriving at Reunion Station in Dallas